Immigrant Legal Relief Fund

Announcing the Immigrant Legal Relief Fund

The COVID-19 crisis is making failures in our safety net painfully apparent. Here’s what we know:

  • Immigrant families are disproportionately impacted
  • Immigrants lack job security and are overrepresented in service industries like hotels and restaurants, where they are the first to be laid off
  • Millions of undocumented workers cannot access unemployment benefits, despite collectively paying billions of dollars in taxes
  • In addition to loss of income and jobs, and ineligibility for unemployment benefits for most, our clients are afraid to seek healthcare because of their immigrant status
  • Many immigrants lived in cramped spaces with extended family, which makes social distancing impossible and puts them at risk for spreading the coronavirus
  • Latinos make up 13% of the population of Oregon, but a recent report indicates they represent 29% of known positive cases in Oregon
We cannot allow immigrants to be forgotten in this crisis. Donate now to ensure that our immigrant neighbors in Oregon have access to skilled immigration attorneys and to provide relief for clients who cannot afford to pay court fees.

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Support ICS

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