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Last week, a Federal Judge in California issued an order to keep the DACA program in place while the Trump administration’s cancellation of the DACA program is being fought in the courts. The order says that those people who have had DACA in the past can apply to renew their DACA under the same…(Read More)

The government announced that it is ending Temporary Protected Status for people from El Salvador in September 2019. Salvadorans with TPS have lived in the United States since before February 2001 but are faced with losing their permission to live and work here after September of next year. Currently the government is not accepting applications…(Read More)

Dear Friends, For nearly 40 years, ICS has provided high quality immigration legal services for Oregon and Southwest Washington residents and their families, helping them access their rights under law. During this past year of increasing uncertainty, these services are more critical than ever. ICS’s clients are our neighbors, friends and co-workers. They…(Read More)

ICS is Oregon’s oldest and only independent nonprofit law firm exclusively representing immigrants in a wide variety of immigration matters. For nearly 40 years, ICS’s generous donors have provided much-needed support. Your tax-deductible donations of any amount will support ICS’s legal services, education and outreach efforts to low income individuals…(Read More)

Gwynne has been a powerful force for justice and a key ally in the struggle to bring access to justice to our most marginalized members of society. ICS is Oregon’s only free-standing, nonprofit law firm representing immigrants in Oregon, and will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2018. ICS was founded on the principles…(Read More)