About Us

Our Mission

Immigration Counseling Service is Oregon’s oldest, and only, independent nonprofit immigration law firm, with offices in Hood River and Portland, and a monthly legal clinic in Central Oregon. Our mission is to strengthen communities and help bring stability to individuals and their families by providing high quality low-cost immigration legal services, outreach, and education to foreign-born residents of Oregon and Southwest Washington.


When ICS was founded in 1978, lower income individuals who needed counsel and representation with immigration matters had absolutely no where to turn for help. What began as a grassroots effort was championed and nurtured by long-time immigrant advocate, Margaret Godfrey. Over the years ICS has provided legal assistance to many thousands of individuals from over 90 countries around the world. ICS carries on Margaret’s legacy, remaining dedicated to ensuring that anyone with an immigration matter has a place to come for help.

Financial Information

If you would like financial information about ICS, please contact:
Frank García, Executive Director