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Florida men posing as lawyers scammed immigrants, Oregon’s AG says


Immigration Counseling Service was recently quoted in an article highlighting the need for qualified legal workers to serve immigrant communities in Oregon. An article by Maxine Bernstein in the Oregonian published on January 23 stated:

“[I]mmigration lawyers say unqualified and unlicensed people intentionally target vulnerable people who feel their ability to legally remain in the United States is in jeopardy.

Lisa LeSage, executive director of the nonprofit immigration law firm Immigration Counseling Services with offices in Portland and Hood River, said the suggested $3,000 to $4,000 upfront fees in the scenarios described in this case are “outrageous.” She said the problem has been longstanding, but this is the newest iteration, particularly with the uncertainty surrounding the fate of thousands of young adults in the DACA program.

“This is always going to be an issue when you have people living on the margins and desperate for help,” she said.

The fraudulent advisers provide “false hope” to these immigrants, who sometimes can be seriously harmed by following the improper advice, resulting in detention or deportation, said Portland immigration lawyer Teresa Statler.”

Read the full article, “Florida men posing as lawyers scammed immigrants, Oregon’s AG says” on The Oregonian.

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